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It’s the great HR challenge – refocusing from transacting processes to influencing business leaders and making a positive contribution to the bottom line.

From strategy development and technology selection to project delivery, specialist training and project resources, we help you deliver HR programmes that achieve lasting business change. We have decades of experience supporting global companies with complex initiatives, achieving buy-in at all levels to ensure sustainable success. As a result, our clients transform HR into an indispensable commercial partner to the business, with the ability to demonstrate clear ROI and performance.

Our business focused Project Delivery Methodology places you firmly in control of change. Starting with a structured approach to Project Scoping, we will help you:

• Plan a course of action that will secure business buy in and sponsorship for the change
• Assess where you are today
• Define where you need to be tomorrow
• Secure the necessary Investment to get you from one place to the other

project delivery

Business stakeholders are engaged at the very start of the project, their input sought and used to help shape project outcomes. On too many occasions, the first time the Business hears about HR projects is just before they go live.

Once your project has begun Implementation, we work as a seamless part of your team, transferring knowledge as we deliver. Your HR team will have access to practical and intuitive project tools, templates, checklists and guidance that will ensure your project is delivered on time, to budget, with sustainable results.

A common mistake is treating an HR Programme as individual, siloed Projects. Whilst each of the Projects may deliver on time, on budget and to expected quality, the outcome can be confusion, rework and lower than expected business benefits.

More complex changes that impact multiple processes, systems, and/or team capabilities, organisation structures or jobs require an additional layer of Programme Management. The steps of the Scoping phase are the same as our Project methodology but contain a broader scope of activities. The key difference is that during Build, multiple Projects need to be co-ordinated and their plans and activities Integrated. Change Management takes a far greater priority in Programme delivery, specifically when Transitioning new capabilities out of Build into your business as usual operations.

Underscore HR provides a pragmatic and proportionate approach to Programme Management that ensures expected improvements in HR and Business performance are delivered.

Transformation, perhaps one of the most overused and misunderstood words in business today. From our perspective, a Transformation methodology should be used where:

  1. the size and scale of the change necessitates a phased approach to implementation, requiring multiple Programmes and Projects to get you to your destination
  2. your final end state is unknown and often unknowable at the start of implementation

Underscore HR has developed a proven approach to HR Transformation that turns your vision into reality. We achieve this by aligning a long term Transformation plan to your unique circumstances and ambitions.

Your start point may be a major Infrastructure Programme to build new Operating Models, Systems, Processes and Teams. Equally, you may require a simpler Programme to refine and enhance some of your existing capabilities. Or the most effective approach may be embedding Continuous Improvement into the DNA of operational HR teams. For most multi-national organisations, the reality is a multi-faceted approach with different countries or organisations starting from different places and moving at different speeds.


There truly is no one size fits all approach to HR Transformation.

We can help build and deliver an appropriate Transformation plan for even the most complex matrix organisation. Then provide you with the expert resources, the tools and the capability to lead and manage change within your team. Transformation is done by you and for you, not to you.